Worship Through Your Eyes (Part I)

Have you ever seen a piece of artwork that transported you into another realm? Great works of art have a tendency to help us see things that are outside of our realm of vision. As I embarked on a new discovery this week during a spiritual week of refreshment, I discovered that nature, photography, and great works of art can help us draw closer to God and allow us to see ourselves through a lens that is different than those we normally would see.

One Spiritual discipline that is sometimes overlooked is Visio Divina. It is the discipline of finding God within nature, or artwork so that we use our eyes in prayer to God while trying to interpret what God is telling us in worship through Visio Divina. There are many ways to connect this discipline to our current devotional time. Consider these four sources to start using Visio Divina:

  1. Get back to Nature and experience God’s magnificent work. A simple way to use Visio Divina is to go outdoors and look at the creation that God has given us to enjoy. Perhaps a walk on a nature trail; watch a sunrise; enjoy the snowfall; or enjoy the colors of each season.
  2. Classical Artwork. There are many pieces of art that contain interpretations of nature as well as biblical stories. Artwork allows us to see through the eyes of another to see a different perspective on God’s handiwork.
  3. Photography. Those who wield a camera have a trained eye to catch moments of life that others may possibly miss. Finding photography has become a lot simpler since the internet. Find a photo that speaks to you and meditate on it.
  4. Visio Divina Books. There are a few books published that may help provide guidance in looking at nature, artwork or photography by asking questions to help prompt thoughts.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list and you may be able to think of other ways that allow you to worship God in your personal time with Him. For now, take time to find some resources in which to do Visio Divina and in my next post I will show you how to implement Visio Divina.

Soli Deo Gloria

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