Worship Through Your Eyes (Part II)

Now that you have chosen your work of art, photo or place you will observe in nature, here is how we begin our journey to worship with our eyes through Visio Divina. You might want to grab a piece of paper, pen or pencil so you can write thoughts down as they occur.

Begin by quieting your inner thoughts and taking deep breaths to calm and relax your body and mind. Next, say a prayer to God, asking Him to reveal to you through the Holy Spirit His presence, His will and His thoughts for your time with Him. Thank Him for allowing this moment in time to connect with Him.

Follow these basic steps to practice Visio Divina:

  1. Take about 2 minutes to gaze at the artwork, photo or part of nature in your view. Look all around and take notice of changes or differences.
  2. Ask yourself what attracts me about this artwork, photo or nature.
  3. Where does my eye tend to go toward in this artwork, photo or nature?
  4. Concentrate on the place which your eye is drawn.
  5. Allow your mind to think about the shape, the structure, the creation of this artwork, photo or nature. Notice the small details.
  6. What is God telling you through this specific artwork, photo or nature.
  7. Is there something going on in your life that God is trying to get your attention?
  8. What feelings or emotions is this artwork, photo or nature evoking?
  9. Do any scriptures come to mind as you look at the artwork, photo, or part of nature? If so, write them down.
  10. Write down anything God may be teaching you through this viewing.
  11. Say a prayer thanking God for bringing you to this moment and revealing to you these thoughts.

Now that you have finished your time using the Spiritual Discipline of Visio Divina, I hope you will continue to use this as part of your regular personal worship time with God. Taking time to commune with our Lord is an important part of hearing God’s still small voice in guiding our lives.

Our next Spiritual Discipline?

Musica Divina

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